Vodafone Site 1 – Kingston upon Thames

Deep in the heart of Kingston upon Thames lies a very special site.

Vodafone’s numero uno. Site number 1.

We used our finely tuned and highly sophisticated mast sniffer to find this one.

Now to mark this site of special significance, we expected flags, bunting, big lights saying “look at us aren’t we great?”.


There was none of that.

We even had to pay £1.50 to park in order to take a crap photo of what should be a site with all the bells and whistles, bunting and flags. You know the sort of thing we mean.

It does have its positive side though. The River Thames is nearby, it’s sited on a Travelodge and there’s a Lidl at ground level.

Such a shame that number 1 is more suited to the traveller on a budget.

Handy if you need to visit something after mooring your boat though.