How can I contact you?

We do not accept traditional correspondence in any form. If you really need to contact us, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Replies aren’t guaranteed. We’re too busy for all that.

Can I snail mail pictures to you?


Can you supply a copy of the software packages that you use?


What hardware / software do you use at cellsites?

Software wise we use Windows 98 – Vodafone Vmap – BT Cellnet Webmap etc

Hardware wise we only use Nokia Products. We currently run a fleet of phones (Nokia 5110’s). We also use Nokia 7110 6210 & 6310 series phones and 1 x Nokia 6110.

Do you sell mobile phones / accessories?


Do you have a database of cell-id’s and grid references & do you publish this information?

Yes we do no we don’t

Do you work for the networks?


Can I be an area photographer?

Before we accept any photographs we would like to see an example of your photography and receive a reasoned argument why we should choose you. We would also like to receive a large brown envelope full of used notes.

Is a phone mast dangerous?

Yes. If you are stupid enough to go close to a tower. Not only is that bloody damn stupid but the closer you get to the cells, the higher the risk of nukeing yourself. Save yourself the energy. If you want to be nuked – climb in the microwave in your kitchen

Can you help me with a phone fault?


What do you do at cellsites?

Go out in our limo with chicks, beer and big cigars.

Can I use your photos?


Where do you get your information from?

A variety of sources, network operations centres, the Internet and training courses. Oh and Razzle’s Readers Wives.

Can I buy your domain name?


Can I come out spotting with you?


How do you find covert installs?

Smell, mainly.

What gave you the idea for cellsites?

The England Football Team.

Can we interview you?

We don’t do interviews.

Can we join cellsites?

No, we are not a membership club.

If your questions hasn’t been answered, fill in the form below and somebody will get back to you, when we can be bothered.